Richmond Fairgrounds, Richmond, Ontario
Friday, September 17, 2021, 7:00 p.m.

$2,075.00 in Prize Money


The Demolition Derby is held as a special event at the Richmond Fair. All Derby drivers must obey the Rules and Regulations (see below).  Mini vans are allowed and will be placed in the 6-cylinder class.

NOTE:  The owner of each vehicle has two options for disposal of their vehicle after the derby and must sign a form identifying which option they have chosen AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION.

Vehicle Entry Location:  All vehicles must enter the Fairgrounds by Lion’s Park, entrance off Huntley Road (See Richmond Fair Site Map).  All vehicles must be towed to the grounds and pit area.  Drivers not obeying this rule may be fined by police.  Men and women are welcome to compete.

4 Cylinder Car Class:

1st Heat - $100 & plaque to winner

2nd Heat - $100 & plaque to winner

1st & 2nd place from each heat move to final

Final Heat - $400 to winner & trophy, $75 to 2nd place

6 Cylinder Car Class:

1st Heat - $100 & plaque to winner

2nd Heat - $100 & plaque to winner

1st & 2nd place from each heat move to final

Final Heat - $400 to winner & trophy, $75 to 2nd place

8 Cylinder Car Class:

1st Heat - $100 & plaque to winner

2nd Heat - $100 & plaque to winner

1st & 2nd place from each heat move to final

Final Heat - $400 to winner & trophy, $75 to 2nd place

Best Painted / Appearing Vehicle:  $50 & plaque


For Information, Rules & Regulations, and Entry Forms contact the Fair Office at (613) 838-3420, Demo Chairperson Doug Seabrook (613) 325-0459 or Car Inspection Alicia Meeks (613) 880-2531.


  1. The Derby will start at 7:00 p.m. sharp.
  2. Each driver must complete an official entry form prior to or at the time of their arrival.
  3. All cars must be on the grounds 1 hour prior to the start time for inspection by an official.
  4. All drivers must attend the drivers meeting at 6:30 p.m. No entries will be accepted after the driver's meeting.
  5. Drivers must be a minimum of 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.
  6. Drivers are responsible for ensuring that each participant must sign the official insurance waiver and release before entering the restricted pit area. A participant means:  driver, mechanic, official working crew member, and others having official responsibilities requiring or permitting them to enter the restricted pit area.  Spectators are not participants.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  7. Only the Derby car plus one (1) tow vehicle belonging to each entry are allowed in the pit area.
  8. RAS will not be held responsible for any cars, parts, or personal property before, during, or after the event.
  9. Demolition derby is a hazardous and high-risk sport, therefore anyone with a health condition or who is pregnant should not compete.
  10. RAS is not responsible for any injuries sustained either by the driver or pit crew. It is your responsibility to carry your own insurance for this purpose.
  11. RAS has a zero-tolerance policy for the consumption or possession of any alcohol or controlled substance by the driver or pit crew. Any person found in possession or under the influence of such substances will be disqualified from participation in the event and will not be issued a refund.
  12. RAS reserves the right to refuse entry to any person and to reject any entry.
  13. If you protest a car you think is illegal, then you must put up $100.00. If the car is illegal, the car will be disqualified and you get your $100.00 back.  If the car is legal, then the RAS gets to keep the $100.00.  Protests will not be entertained under any other circumstances.
  14. Any car may be re-inspected at any time during the derby.
  15. Prize money is $2,075.00.  This is based on a 50 car entry.
  16. Entry fee for all cars will be $40.00 pre-registration, $45.00 at pit area.
  17. The driver and one (1) additional person will receive free pit passes on the evening of the event.  All other persons must purchase a $10.00 pit pass to be allowed in the pit area.  The sale of all pit passes will close at 7:30 p.m.



  1. Any stock, hardtop automobile or station wagon is allowed. NO: trucks, jeeps, convertibles, hearses, limousines, checker cabs, or imperials (no engine, transmission, gear or wheel modifications).  The 4-cylinder class may use imports.
  2. Any stock factory-made rear-ends are permitted, including positraction and limited-slip differentials.
  3. All cars must have a working CSA-approved fire extinguisher secured within reach of the driver. All cars must have approved working seat belts.




  1. Remove the following before arriving on the grounds:
    • all glass, including mirrors, windshield, side windows, head and tail lights (rolling down window not permitted).
    • Chrome moulding strips.
    • The bottom portion of the rear seat must be removed by mashing down or cutting off.
  1. No special bumpers, reinforcement, fabrications, or trailer hitches permitted.
  2. Welded solid or chained-down engine mounts are recommended.
  3. Roll-over bars are allowed but not necessary.
  4. All doors must be fastened shut by wire (minimum four strands), straps or welded, for the driver’s safety.
  5. No spring jacks, blocked shocks or reversed shackles are permitted.
  6. The suspension must be free of blocks. No helper springs or altered suspension is allowed.  Torsion bars should be at the manufacturer’s specifications, etc.
  7. Only one (1) automotive-type battery is allowed. It may be removed to any location in the car, but must be securely fastened and covered.
  8. Cutting fenders for wheel clearance only is permissible - ends of bumpers may be cut off.
  9. Hood must be fastened down in four (4) places; trunk or tailgate must be fastened down in four (4) places. Officials' decision on the overuse of wire.
  10. Stock gas tanks must be moved from the stock position into the trunk or rear seat area. A small portable CSA marine gas tank or custom metal tank is recommended in place of the original.  All tanks must be securely fastened in the middle of the back seat and covered by a fireproof shield. A maximum of four (4) gallons of gas is permitted per heat.
  11. The driver's door must be painted white. All cars must have a number on both front doors.  A roof number plate is suggested.
  12. Vehicles must be swept clean. No junk tires, wheels, metal parts, glass, etc., is allowed in the car.
  13. It is recommended that the driver’s door be reinforced inside with a steel bar, angle iron or pipe. Length not to extend more than eight (8) inches on either end of the driver’s door.
  14. It is recommended a minimum sixteen (16) inch opening be cut in the center of the hood cover over the carburetor (in case of fire).
  15. Only automotive-type tires are permitted. No studs, snow treads, or cut tires.
  16. A strong wire or nylon mesh screen is recommended on the driver’s window and windshield area. Scatter shields are also recommended.



  1. A safety belt, Z-90, approved helmet and approved goggles for eye protection are required.
  2. One-piece overalls or garment with long sleeves and pant legs are recommended. NO SHORTS are permitted.
  3. Drivers may manoeuver forward and backward but there will be no deliberate hitting on the driver’s door. Any driver not obeying this rule will automatically be disqualified.
  4. Vehicles must have dependable and sufficient brakes at all times and competition area boundaries must be observed at all times.
  5. NO drinking of alcoholic beverages on track, emergency vehicle area, pit area or general area of derby is allowed. Any driver or pit person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be immediately disqualified and removed from the grounds.
  6. A vehicle will be disqualified if the driver=s door comes open during a heat.
  7. Two minutes time limit is enforced by the officials for restarts and making competitive contact with another car. Hits must be aggressive.  Simple contact within the time limit does not constitute combat and could be considered sandbagging.
  8. All decisions made by OFFICIALS are final.
  9. All heat winners will be allowed to work on their cars 20 minutes before the final heat.





The owner of each vehicle has two options and must sign a form identifying the option chosen AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION.

I hereby transfer and assign all property rights in the said vehicle after completion of the event at Richmond Fair to the Richmond Agricultural Society (RAS).  The RAS will arrange for the removal of said vehicle.

Vehicle to be transferred to RAS for disposal


Signature of Owner

The owner chooses not to transfer the said vehicle to the RAS for removal and will arrange for the removal of said vehicle at the expense of the owner no later than 2 hours following the final event at the Richmond Fair.  Any vehicle not so removed will be removed by the RAS.

Owner to remove the vehicle from Richmond Fairgrounds


Signature of Owner


Richmond Agricultural Society will not be held responsible for any car or personal property, injuries to any individual participating in the Derby or pit crew, before, during, or after the Derby.  It is the responsibility of the driver and pit crew to carry their own insurance to cover injuries should they occur.



Please complete the entry form attached and mail to: DEMO DERBY 2021, Richmond Agricultural Society, P.O. Box 1210, Richmond, Ontario K0A 2Z0 or deliver to the Fair Office, 6121 Perth Street, after September 1, 2021.  Call for office hours, tel: (613) 838-3420.

The entry fee per car is $40.00 pre-registration (registration at the pit area is $45.00), in the form of cash, money order, or certified cheque payable to the Richmond Agricultural Society (no personal cheques accepted).  The driver and one (1) additional person will receive free pit passes.  All other persons must purchase a $10.00 pit pass, the evening of the Derby, to be allowed in the pit area.  Please do not bring your vehicle to the grounds until the pit area opens at 4:00 p.m.


Download the Official Entry Form Here


Richmond Fair Demolition Derby

Official Entry Form

Drivers must be able to provide a Valid AG1@ or up Drivers License


Name: ________________________________________ Age: _____


Address: _________________________ Postal Code: ____________


Email Address: ___________________________________________


Phone #: _____________________             Car #: __________


Sponsor: _______________________________________________


I have read the rules and I fully understand them and agree, to follow them 100%.  Upon signing this entry form you release Richmond Agricultural Society from any and all liability.


Signature:  _________________________________


4 cyl ☐               6 cyl  ☐              8 cyl   ☐




Glass and Trim Removed ☐                Battery Fastened ☐


Fuel Tank Fastened ☐                      Wheel Weights Removed ☐


Bumpers Not Reinforced ☐





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