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Homecraft Executive & Committee Chairs 2021

Homecraft Executive:

President: Sheri Kavanagh (613) 601-2296                  mkavanagh85@hotmail.com

Vice President: Marg Todd (613) 838-2356.                mtodd1@rogers.com

Treasurer: Nadia Mills (613) 866 5229                         nadiamills58@gmail.com

Secretary: Alison Tranter (613) 838 5347                     ptranter@sympatico.ca


Class 50: Antiques and Collectibles:

Chair: Laura Boyd (613) 806-7091             ls_cole@hotmail.com

Vice: Marg Todd, (613) 838 2356               mtodd1@rogers.com


Class55: Wine, Liqueurs and Beer:

Chair: Nigel Moorcroft (613) 290-2513     nmoorcroft@hotmail.com

Vice: Laura Boyd (613)806 7091             ls_cole@hotmail.com


Class 60: Fruits and Vegetables:

Chair: Cathy Craig (613) 838-5459        ca.craig@sympatico.ca

Vice: Brenda Lindsay                          lindsaybrenda31@yahoo.com


Class 65: Floral:

Co-Chairs: Brenda Thomas (613) 838-5441                 brendat449@gmail.com

Jennifer Dupuis (613) 601-5442                 Jennifert08@gmail.com


Class 70: Culinary Arts:

Chair: Karen Donaldson (613) 838-2259          karen.donaldson06@gmail.com


Class 80: Arts & Handicrafts:

Co-Chairs: Sue Dewar (613) 838-8395      mtssdewar@gmail.com

Peggy Fadyk (613) 838-4173    peggy2steve@gmail.com


Class 90: Quilts:

Co-Chairs: Alison Tranter (613) 838-5347        ptranter@sympatico.ca

Sheri Kavanagh (613) 601-2296    mkavanagh85@hotmail.com


Class 100: Junior Division:

Chair: Sue Getty (613) 868-9012                sgetty99@gmail.com

Vice: Nadia Mills   (613) 866 5229.            nadiamills58@gmail.com


Class 101: Youth Poster Competition:

Chair: Sue Getty (613) 868-9012          sgetty99@gmail.com

Vice: Nadia Mills, (613) 866 5229      nadiamills58@gmail.com


Class 105: Special Needs:



Class 106: 4H:

Chair: Cindy Brown (613) 838-3081                werbzy26@gmail.com



School Program:

Chair: April Milroy: (613) 410 4696                aprildawncox@icloud.com

Denise Crawford (613) 838-2930          deniseleecrawford@gmail.com


The Richmond Agricultural Society is pleased to present this year’s

176th Edition of The Richmond Fair!

It will be a special one, a celebration, a reunion and a taste of what is to come!

In HOMECRAFT, Class 60 Fruits and Vegetables, and Class 70 Culinary Arts will have some judging of entries. ALL other Classes will feature a display only of items, showcasing items from many of their popular categories. Enjoy!


General Information for Homecraft Exhibitors:

 Deadline to register Homecraft categories in CLASS 60 Fruits and Vegetables, CLASS 70 Culinary Arts is Friday, and CLASS 100 Junior Division is September 10th, 2021. Register on-line, mail, email or fax entries to:  Richmond Agricultural Society, P.O. Box 1210, Richmond, Ontario K0A 2Z0;

Email:  richmondfair@sympatico.ca or Fax: (613) 838-3933

***NO ENTRY FEE is required for entries in those three Classes this year! Exhibitor tags can be obtained at the fair office during business hours.***

NOTE: Fruit and Vegetable exhibits (Class 60) must be submitted on paper or tinfoil plates (no China), as there will be NO Sunday pick up. Culinary exhibits (Class 70) and Junior Division (Class 100) must be picked up on Sunday, September 19th after 4:30pm.

Quilts for display are to be dropped off upstairs at the Curling Club on Wednesday, Sept 15 from 5 – 8:30pm.

Other Homecraft Exhibits may be dropped off downstairs at the Curling Club on Wednesday, Sept 15 from 5 – 8:30pm and Thursday, Sept 16 from 7 – 8:30am.

 The display will be closed Sunday, September 19th, at 4:30pm. Exhibitors with identification are able to pick up their work from committee members when the building re-opens at 5:00pm. Please respect these timelines, as time is needed to take display items down safely!

 The Homecraft Exhibits will be on display during the Fair from Friday Sept 17th from 4:00 - 7:00pm, Saturday from 10:00am - to 8:00pm and Sunday Sept 19th from 10:00am to 4:30pm. The Richmond Agricultural Society will not be responsible for loss or damage to entries.

As applicable, Homecraft Judges use the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies, “Homecraft Judging Standards for Ontario Fairs”, Revised 2009 ($5.00), and the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies, “Judging Standards Handbook of Field Crops, Roots & Vegetables, Fruit, Maple Syrup and Honey”, 2003 ($5.00). These publications are available from the Homecraft Information Booth or the Fair Office.





Committee: Chair: Laura Boyd 613-806-7091; Marg Todd, Allison Todd, Courtney MacLellan, Kate Herd



Committee:  Chair: Nigel Moorcroft (613) 290-2513, Vice: Laura Boyd; Rick Todd, Jim Wagdin, Allison Todd, Courtney MacLellan



Committee:  Chair: Cathy Craig (613) 838-5459; Vice: Brenda Lindsay, Bev Tanner, Bill Reid, Sandi Dolman, Lynda Mulligan


Fruits and Vegetables may be dropped off downstairs at the Curling Club on Wednesday, Sept 15 from 5 – 8:30pm and Thursday, Sept 16 from 7 – 8:30am. They must be submitted on a paper or tinfoil plate, not China, as there will be no Sunday pick up.

Please read the General Information for Homecraft Exhibitors before entering.

  • Entries are restricted to amateur growers, resident in Ontario
  • All vegetables and roots must be clean.
  • When a certain number is specified there must be neither more nor less.
  • All specimens, once in the hall, are under control and subject to order of the Committee Chairperson.
  • In absence of competition in a section, or if stock or articles exhibited be of inferior quality, the judge will award only such premium as they deem exhibit merits.
  • Entries cannot be changed after closing date.
  • Youth class (up to 16 years). No entry fee.


* All pumpkin, honey and maple syrup classes are now in the Agricultural Awareness Program.  Please enter there.


YOUTH CLASS (up to 16 years, no entry fee)                      PRIZES:  1st $5, 2nd $4, 3rd $3

  1. 3 different root vegetables, displayed on a large paper plate
  2. Any squash, 2 specimens, piece of vine attached


FRUITS All varieties must be named.                                    PRIZES:  1st $5; 2nd $4; 3rd $3

  1. Melon, any variety - plate with 2 specimens, piece of vine attached


GARDEN VEGETABLES                                                      PRIZES:  1st $5; 2nd $4; 3rd $3

All vegetables must be put on appropriately sized plates, paper, tinfoil, no China. Must be fresh and uniform. Entry tag must be securely fastened.  All root vegetables must be clean, but not scrubbed.

  1. Beets, table, 3 specimens, 1" stem
  2. Carrots, Chantenay, 3 specimens, 1" stem
  3. Carrots, Nantes, 3 specimens, 1" stem
  4. Peppers, sweet, green, 3 specimens
  5. Peppers, sweet, red, 3 specimens
  6. Peppers, hot, 3 specimens
  7. Peppers, yellow, 3 specimens
  8. Peppers, orange, 3 specimens
  9. Onions, yellow, 3 specimens
  10. Onions, red, 3 specimens
  11. Onions, white, 3 specimens
  12. Cucumbers, slicing any type, 3 specimens, short stem to be left on
  13. Cucumbers, English, 2 specimens, short stem to be left on
  14. Tomatoes, Red, 3 specimens, calyx & stem attached
  15. Tomatoes, Yellow, 3 specimens, calyx & stem attached
  16. Tomatoes, Paste, 3 specimens, calyx & stem attached
  17. Tomatoes, Cherry/Grape, Red, 10 on a plate
  18. Tomatoes, Cherry/Grape, Green, 10 on a plate
  19. Cabbage, Red, 2 specimens, 1 set of outer leaves to be left on
  20. Cabbage, not Red, 2 specimens, 1 set of outer leaves to be left on
  21. Kale, 3 stems, in container of water
  22. Squash, Hubbard, 2 specimens, piece of vine attached
  23. Squash, any variety, (not Hubbard), 2 specimens, piece of vine attached
  24. Zucchini, 2 specimens under 12" in length
  25. Zucchini, 2 specimens over 12" in length
  26. Garlic, 3 bulbs, roots trimmed to ¼”. Stem to ½”


Sections 30-31 – Potatoes brushed, not washed, 6 on a plate.

  1. Potatoes, Kennebec
  2. Potatoes, Red Variety, NAMED


GARDEN SPECIALS Sections 32-41  One specimen largest by weight, any variety, 1st prize only $5.

  1. Carrot
  2. Beet
  3. Cucumber
  4. English Cucumber
  5. Potato
  6. Onion
  7. Zucchini
  8. Pepper
  9. Ripe Tomato
  10. Green tomato



Committee: Co-Chairs: Brenda Thomas 613-838-5441, Jennifer Dupuis 613-601-5442;

Dwight McCallum, Diane McCallum, Carol Demjan, Roelie Jackson, Laura Boyd



Committee: Chair: Karen Donaldson (613) 838-2259; Debbie Davis, Laurie Naphan, Denise Wilkes


Items for judging may be dropped off downstairs at the Curling Club on Wednesday, Sept 15 from 5 – 8:30pm and Thursday, Sept 16 from 7 – 8:30am.


Culinary Arts will be featuring only two entry categories for the 2021 Richmond Fair.  There will also be a Best in Show award that will be given to one of the entries.  Hope all of you who make preserves or like to craft will enter!

  1. Bernardin Gift Pack Competition– Put together a gift pack of preserves using Bernardin mason jars and SNAP Lids, include an itemized list. Judged on creativity and presentation. Items will not be taste tested. 1st - $20 product gift certificate.
  2.  Bernardin SNAP Lid/ Mason Jar Creative Craft Award– Make a craft using a Bernardin Mason jar and/or Snap Lid. 1st- $20 product gift certificate.

For recipes and helpful hints on Home Canning Visit:  www.bernardin.ca



Co-chairs: Sue Dewar (613) 838-8395, Peggy Fadyk (613) 838-4173, Joyce Clark, Marion Jones, Lynn Jones, Ann Kelly.



Committee: Co-chairs: Alison Tranter (613) 838-5347 and Sheri Kavanagh (613) 601-2296; Linda Rose


QUILT DROP OFF: Quilts are to be brought to the upstairs hall of the Richmond curling club on Wednesday, September 15th from 5:30 pm to 7:30pm.


PREPARING YOUR QUILT: A 4 inch sleeve must be attached to the top of the quilt or wall hanging. The sleeve can be temporarily attached with safety pins (not straight pins, please!)


PICK UP OF QUILTS: The Homecraft building will be closed 4:00 – 4:30pm on Sunday, for secure take down of quilts. Quilts are to be picked up on Sunday, September 19th, after 4:30pm. Quilts will only be released to the owner or to a person designated by the owner with written permission.




Committee:  Chair: Suzie Getty (613)868-9012; Nadia Mills, Robbie Judd, Stephanie Gal, Catherine Proulx, Kate Morrow, Angela Boal-Argue, Morgan Reynolds, Adeline Bugden


An entry fee is not required for entries in the Junior Division (ages 2 – 16). All Junior Division exhibits must be picked up on Sunday, September 19th after 4:30 pm. Items that are not picked up in this Division will be held for two weeks. Please make pick up arrangements by sending an email to: richmondfairhomecraft@outlook.com


Craft 1: A Paper Bag Farm Animal.

Using the materials provided in the children’s craft kit, or materials from home if the kit was not acquired, make a paper bag farm animal of your choosing. If a kit was acquired, you may use any additional material that you have at home to enhance this craft.


Craft 2: A Fair Themed Clay Figure using modelling clay.

Using the materials provided in the children’s craft kit or materials from home if the kit was not acquired, make any clay figure of your choosing. This could be a farm animal, an amusement ride, wherever your imagination takes you! If a kit was acquired, you may use any additional material that you have at home if you wish to enhance this craft. Please display on a paper plate.


Craft 3: Fireworks in a Jar!

Using the materials provided in the children’s craft kit or materials from home if the kit was not acquired, create a dazzling display of fireworks in a jar.


  1. a) Fill a glass jar ⅔ full of water, set this aside.
  2. b) In a bowl, combine 3 tbsp of cooking oil along with several drops of food colouring. You may add more food colouring colours from your home supply if desired.
  3. c) Use a spoon to stir the food colouring into the oil. It will not mix but stirring will help break the food colouring into smaller droplets.
  4. d) Pour the mixture of oil and food colouring into the water. There is a larger portion of oil provided in the kit if more mixture is needed.
  5. e) After a moment or two, the oil will settle to the top but the food colouring will begin to shoot down, creating a firework effect!
  6. f) Secure the lid on the jar!!!

* If a kit was acquired, you may use any additional material that you have at home if you want to decorate the jar.


Juniors Open Class:

Make any handmade craft.



***To Be Announced***



Committee: Chair: Cindy Brown (613) 838-3081

NOTE: All entries submitted must be made by a current member of a 4H Club located in Carleton County.


4H Regular:                                                                            PRIZES: 1st $3, 2nd $2, 3rd $1

  1. Chocolate 4H Brownies, not iced, 3 on a paper plate inside a ziplock bag. Pieces

approximately 2” x 2”. Use the Chocolate 4H Brownies recipe below.

  1. Display of 3 garden vegetables on a tray, ALL NAMED, grown by you.
  2. A 4” x 6” (glossy or matte finish) photograph collection (minimum four, maximum eight) of

You depicting ‘Learn to Do by Doing’, mounted on Bristol board. Must include the current

Canadian 4H emblem, minimum size 4” x 4”.


4H Field Crop Members:                                                     PRIZES: 1st $5, 2nd $3, 3rd $2

  1. Open to 4H Field crop members…a sample of grain (barley, oats, spring/winter wheat, or

beans (any variety) – 3lb displayed in a large or extra large ziplock bag and properly labelled.


Hay – 1 four inch flake of machine baled (not from a round bale) cut hay…displayed in a

supplied bag and properly labelled.

  1. First cut alfalfa – 85% or more alfalfa
  2. First cut legume other than alfalfa – 85% or more legume
  3. First cut legume and grass – 70% and 30% either way
  4. First cut grass – 85% or more grass
  5. Second cut alfalfa or other legume – 85% or more legume
  6. Second cut mixed legume and grass – 70% and 30% either way



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